Why you should visit Prague for Christmas

When it’s that time of the year and the festivities are round the corner, make sure you seriously consider the charming capital of the Czech Republic. With the perfect seasonal weather to make your Christmas holidays unforgettable, Prague has its fair share of fun things to offer over the winter holidays, even if you’re travelling with kids, especially if you’re travelling with kids.

The Prague Christmas Market

If you’ve never experienced an Eastern European Christmas market then now is your chance. Unquestionably Prague’s winter main event the market, which runs from the end of November, through the first week of January is an explosion of flavour, scents and sights like none you’ve experienced before. The Old Town Square is festooned with the best decorations, smells of hot mulled wine and pastries, and is also buzzing with an events line up that can include anything from magicians to traditional folk musicians.

Ice rinks

Nothing warms you up much better than a bit of exercise in the blistering cold. Pop-up Ice skating rinks are erected all around the city and it is fairly cheap to rent some skates and have a go.

The riverbank

Ask anyone around and they’ll tell you that there’s nothing like a steamboat cruise along the Vltava in the winter. With its unique views of the snow-covered rooftops of the old Prague landscape and the frosted trees on Kampa Island and Charles Bridge this will be a boat ride to remember.

Nativity Scenes and the Three Kings Procession

Christmas without a Nativity scene is not Christmas at all and thankfully the authorities and the people of Prague are well aware of this fact. Around every street corner, in shop windows and on the street the city is full to the brim with both live nativity scenes and ones crafted out of wood, straw or other materials. The Three Kings procession wraps up the season nicely on the 5th of January.

Christmas Concerts

The majestic halls, churches and theatres of Prague are busy with a full schedule of concerts and performances pretty much all year round but especially over Christmas. From string quartets, chamber orchestras, or symphonies make sure you indulge in one of these events during your stay, the Czech musicians are world renowned and of high calibre. If you’re staying at a hotel close to the historic centre, most venues will be at a close walking distance or a short bus ride away.

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