Visiting the land of Celebrities

The folks of the States call this beautiful location the city of angels. If you ever get the urge to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, this is the place for you. The iconic Hollywood sign lingers over the city for all to see, as you shop the upscale locations on Hollywood Drive. When traveling in this beautiful city, the first attraction that should be seen is the historic Hollywood. There are places along the roadside for visitors to snap a picture of the iconic logo. Once in Hollywood shopping becomes a must, and there is no shortage of high quality shops to soothe those shopaholic urges. ESTA lets you stroll the streets of Melrose Avenue, Robertson Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard, and much more.


After your shopping trip, its time to relax, and catch a show or two. Hollywood doesn’t lack for a great show, museum, or other entertainment attractions. ESTA lets you see the hand and footprints of major U.S. Celebrities in front of the classic Chinese Theatre. Here you can take a leisurely walk among the street performers, just be sure to tip generously if you enjoy the act. In this same complex you can enjoy the artistry found in  Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood Wax Museum. ESTA Visa lets  you see some of your favorite celebrities are come to life, and positioned in a still pose from their best known roles.


Get off your feet for a while and take advantage of the celebrity tours given by the locals (just avoid the maps sold on the street). Many locals will give you a private tour of the homes of current, and past celebrities.ESTA lets you see how the other half lives as your driver takes you around town to see the houses of the rich and famous. Some say that the ghouls of the famously deceased still lurk the city, and one can find a plethora of guided tours for this as well. These tours will take you to the supposedly haunted locations around Hollywood. Do the spirits of dead actors still roam the Hollywood hills? Find out in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery through an ESTA Visa.


If it’s a family oriented vacation your looking for, then Universal Studios, which offers

an all in one location for family fun and excitement. Universal Studios is loaded with shops, rides, restaurants, and lodgings. This one of a kind location ,brought to you by ESTA gives visitors an inside look into the world of movie magic. If dreams of the rich and famous are floating through your mind, be sure to visit Hollywood, LA.


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