Why Do We Use Online Travel Companies?


In the good old days(pre 2005), the majority of people walked into a travel agency and booked their flights and accommodation deals directly through them. This was the norm for decades.


But now, with the advancement of technology, we no longer have a direct need for these physical travel agencies. Instead, we book through an online travel website in order to take the bulk of the stress out of the process.

The amount of money you can save by using an online travel agency, compared to a normal agency in a shop is significant.

The plethora of options available to us by using online websites is nothing short of staggering. Geographical limits are no longer there, and we can therefore research to our hearts content in order to slice open the cheapest deal we can find. You don’t have this option if you choose to do it “offline”, as you are limited to a few agencies within a certain area.

Online is where its at, and where it’s going to stay – period.
Asia is becoming one of the most attractive destinations for tourists from all around the world. Cities like Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong have witnesses an important increase of European and North American visitors and all this due to online travel sites that have made it really easy to find what you are looking for. One of the many benefits of online travel companies is that they can give you access to affordable flights, accommodations and last minute hotel deals to Singapore, Shanghai, Bali or any other place you would like to visit. Last minute deal offers are crucial for anyone who travels seriously, or even casually. Unexpected events can occur at any moment, which can sometimes back you into a corner. It’s much better to know that you can book a hotel at the last minute and get a good deal instead of sleeping in the car you rented. It’s not just the convenience of a last minute hotel that should be appealing; it’s also that you save money as well. This is an excellent resource that no traveler should be without.

Apart from saving you money from the get go, online travel agencies will by able to plan your trip better than an offline shop would. Why? Because they will never have an expert working in the shop that knows about every location in the world. Online companies though will be able to plan your trip using local families as your guides(if you wanted).

When you are looking for cheap flights to europe, you can do so at any time of day or night on sites such as http://www.flightnetwork.com.With brick and mortar agencies, this is just not possible. So you also have the convenience of doing business 24/7. This is a bonus for parents who work odd hours or need to plan their trip once the kids are tucked up in bed.

Perhaps, the biggest reason why we prefer online agencies, is because we don’t feel pressurized when we go to book something. In the past, brick and mortar agencies had staff who were as persuasive as car salesmen. They earned a commission if you booked something through them, so naturally they wanted to get you signing up for something once you were there.

You don’t have this “hassle” so to speak, once you use online companies. You’ll have peace of mind sitting in front of your computer at home while you figure out yourself just where you would like to go.

Just be aware while you use online companies that they are reputable and always read the fine print before you take out your credit card.

In the end, you’ll save more money by using an online company and as long as you are careful and persistent, you’ll find what you were looking for.




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